P3tog or trinity stitch

Can anyone out there explain how to purl 3 together-in very simole tems? Or tell me where to go to see a video? I just watched the one about how to do a bobble stitch-it it similar? Thanks

It is just like purling one stitch except you run your right hand needle into the first 3 stitches all at once where you would to purl them (so the needle enters the first stitch then goes on through the second and third stitches as well), then you yarn around your needle as you do to purl, and purl the three stitches together as one. Where you had 3 stitches on the left hand needle you now only have one on the right hand needle.

To work more than two sts together, it can help to take the tip of the right needle and loosen them up so you can get it into the sts.