P2tog TBL

When decreasing by purling 2 stitches together thru the back loops, I find it really hard to insert the needle correctly. In fact, I often have to turn the work round completely to insert them. Tips anyone to make this easier?


You can P2tog like normal, then twist the st clockwise and place back on your right needle :thumbsup:

Here is where I read about it

I usually do exactly as you say, I turn the work to the back side, insert the needle and then turn back and finish the purl. I don’t find that to be too big a problem, but I find I am also learning (after doing that a long time and really seeing where that needle goes) that I can do it without turning it around now. :thumbsup:

You may need to knit a little looser to make it easier.

I ssp - slip the sts indivdually to the right needle, put the left needle in the front of them and ptbl. It’s easier when they’ve been slipped and they’re not twisted…