P2tog tbl?

does anyone know how to do this stitch? P2tog tbl –
perhaps it is the linen yarn i’m working with…but, it is nearly impossible to grab both stitches. the second of the 2 sts was part of a K2tog in the prior row…which contributes to how tight it is…
all hints and tips welcome…

thank you.

hmm… not sure how to help with that tightness… i have trouble with that sometimes when i am not knitting stitches together… :wall: But here is a link to the videos in the glossary. If you look in the right column you will see the link to that stitch.

thanks brendajos –

the video helps… at least now i see that i’m doing the stitch properly…
as beautiful as linen yarn is (euroflax) it is unforgiving!

HAHAHA, I asked almost the exact question at just about the same time. I found the video INCREDIBLY helpful!

I use a crochet hook when I get stitches like that… It might be naughty of me, but it works. If I can get the crochet hook in there to just loosen it a bit, then I can get the needle in to work the stitch. :slight_smile:

what a clever idea! thanks.

i was a yank living in australia for a while – with frequent travel to Wellington…love that city!

the best wool i have ever knit with i bought in new zealand… the best! enjoy the kiwis’ hospitality…they are dear people.