P2tog, K2tog from Bernat's "My favorite Blue/White Blan

Hi, I first have to say, “I love this website!” Because of this site, I’ve managed to learn how to knit (I’m what one might consider a visual learner). My intentions are to make a baby blanket for my friends baby, Aiden. She’s the first of us gals to become a mommy, so it’s definately a monumental occasion! I’ve done the typical practice swatches, and even completed my first dishcloth as a starter project! I found a pattern at www.Bernat.com that I’d like to use and thought it best to learn/practice before getting started. I’ve watched the video for P2tog and K2tog, and now have a question in regard to the pattern. To summerize, it calls for a combination of the two stitches, which will be considered “MK”
“MK: P2tog without slipping sts off needle, then K2tog over same sts.”

Is anyone able to give me a video of doing this, or at least able to give me some detailed instructions on how to do this? I’m sure this will be my first of many questions, and want to thank you all in advance for the help!

It sounds a lot more complicated than it is. I doubt there’s a video for this particular stitch.

P2tog is like a regular purl, except instead of inserting your needle in the first stitch, you insert it through the first two that are at the tip of the left needle. You wrap your yarn and pull it through the stitches, but don’t slide it off the needle.

Put your yarn to the back between the two needles, and reinsert your needle into the same two stitches in the knit direction, wrap, pull the stitch through, and slide it off the needle.

Thanks so much for the quick reply! I’ll be making my first attempt at that very soon. Before I do though, I wanted your opinion on the best technique to use in changing yarn colors. Basically, there will be two colors, but they will be changed quite frequently, and I’m a little wary about having so many yarn ends popping out the back of the blanket.

With the main color I’m going to cast on 181 sts, and do 5 rows garter st. Then, the following 4 rows will make up the pattern:
1- knit row with other color
2- P1. (MK) 90 times <— by the way does that mean I repeat JUST the
MK 90 times, or do I repeat P1 (MK) 90 times?
3- knit row with main color
4- (MK) 90 times. P1

Can you spare anymore of that wisdom of yours?


Hey Tiffany

This was one of the first projects I did except my sister in law was expecting a girl so I changed the blue to pink. It’s a really pretty project once it’s all finished

For the color changes, what I did is rather than cut the yarn at the end of every two rows, I “carried” it up the side of the blanket as I knit - I’m pretty sure there is a video on that here, but I’m not sure - and I don’t think I could adequately descibe how to do it.

For the pattern, you are going to knit 5 rows in the Main Color, then switch to the other color for two rows - so you will knit one row across then P1 stitch and MK 90 times across all with the other color - then do these two rows again with the main color

hope that helps

Hi I hope you can help me I am trying this new pattern It may sound like a stupid question but i don’t understand, if you P2tog than K2tog that means you are loseing 2 stitches. On the next row how will you gain the stitches back. Thanks inadvance

You don’t lose the sts though. You p2tog, then on the [I]same sts [/I]you k2tog, so you still end up with 2 new sts from the same 2 old stitches.

I just spent days trying to figure this out… When you do it this way, you’re not decreasing, just twisting the stitches. It didn’t make sense for me until I picked up needles and yarn and tried it. Then it was crystal clear. Good luck!!