Want to try a new pattern but need to make sure I understand the directions. One is - k3tog tbl. I know that means knit 3 together through back of loop. Then comes the p2tog-b. What does the b signify?
From Knitting Help I found p-b = purl stitch below. This doesn’t make sense to me. Please help.

Hi, sometimes “b” can mean below, which means not in the stitch on the needle but in the row below it. I have never heard of p2tog below. I just tried it and couldn’t get anything to work. Sometimes they use “b” for tbl, but since they also use that term maybe they don’t mean that in this case. I’m sorry I can’t be of anymore help than that.

I thinks it’s p2tog tbl, but don’t know why they didn’t write it the same as k3tog tbl. I don’t thinkk you could p2tog in the stitch below.