P2, k4, p2, cast on 4?

I am doing a pattern that had me bind off 4. then on the next round p2, k4, p2, cast on 4. How do you cast on 4 right inthe middle of a row???
I am making a pair of wrist warmers and this is for the thumb hole.

Michele KS :wall: [/b]

Check out the backward-loop cast on in the videos. It works very well for this sort of thing.

i did the extra cast on with the stitch before the next one like the M1 stitch, that is my favorite way, i also did mittens…worked out really well

I consider myself and advanced beginner so I may not be the
best to offer advice.

Keeping that in mind, I like the knit cast on method. However,
I would always trust Ingrid first and the pattern second. :slight_smile: