P1K1 on circular needles

How do I p1k1 and keep it from looking like I’ve added on stitches? I’m trying to make a hat. If I knit the first row and then did the p1k1 would it be helpful?

Thanks for any input!

I don’t understand what you mean about keeping it from looking like you’ve added stitches?

Start with an even number of sts and p1, k1 all the way around (or across), then keep doing that on the next several rows or rounds.

Also don’t forget to place a marker at the beginning of your round.

Make sure that you are moving the working yarn to the front before you purl and to the back before you knit. And make sure that you move it under the needle, not over. Hope that makes sense.

You don’t move the yarn so much under the needle as between the two tips.

Yeah, that’s a better description. :wink: I’m still a beginner myself. I just know that I tried ribbing in the round the for first time the other day and there were a couple times I got the yarn pulled over the top somehow and it looked like extra stitches at first glance.

That’s a common boo boo, I even do it sometimes…

aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! that’s EXACTLY what i was doing! after i purled i would just wrap the sucker around the top making it look like another stitch. what a nerd :slight_smile:

Okay, NOW I understand what you meant about adding on sts. I’m slow too sometimes…