[(P1, K1) in next st] twice. 4 sts. help!


im following a pattern for a tie. you cast on 2 sts then the 1st row states (RS) K1 P1, 2nd row is P1 K1 whilst the 3rd row then states what i have written in the title and i just cannot work it out! if i only have 2 stitches and i increase both the knit and purl i end up with 6 stitches?

thanks in advance for help!

Items in Brackets are done first, Your third row is increasing two stitches in the next stitch, you do this twice. You are probably starting on the wide end of the tie, and increases are how its done. Trust the pattern and it will work out.

Increasing 1 in each of 2 stitches will leave you with 4 stitches, the 2 original ones and the 2 increases. How are you doing the increase? This video shows p1, k1, p1 in same stitch, just ignore the last p1.

that makes sense! thanks for the videon she goes awfully quick! i seem to still be doing something wrong. although im now getting 4 stitches as i continue the pattern its looking extremely muddled!! as if the yarn is sort of going across what ive already knitted if that makes sense?? as if i have sort of done a big sewn stitch from one side to the other!! thanks again for your help!

Practice should help make things look better, even tension and all that good stuff. Can you link to your pattern?


I have attached the pattern. It’s just a free one I found online. I struggle to understand some of the patterns that are really abbreviated. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

ps. i am using a completely different yarn. im using a womens institute silky yarn for 3.25mm needles. i understand about gauge etc and what it is about but i never know how to figure out if different yarns can work or the pattern may be adjustable so i just went with this as i loved the shinyness and softness!

Tie Me Up PDF

Your yarn may produce a fabric that is of a different drape than that shown in the pattern. I’m not familiar with it myself so I don’t know how it works up.

I found this on Ravelry. Women’s Institute Soft & Silky

These increases aren’t going to look perfect. It should start to look better as you add more rows. The repetition of rows becomes part of the pattern.
As for substituting yarn, the important thing to look at is gauge. When you do a gauge swatch, that’ll tell you whether you need to adjust your needle size or whether you need to alter the number of sts in the pattern. The gauge swatch will also give you an idea of the drape of the knit fabric which may well be critical to the project.

hello!! it appears to be going okay now that i followed that youtube video!! i was forgetting to bring the yarn forwards and backward between purling and knitting! that is the exact yarn im using what do you think of it?! its really nice and shiny and the texture/drape is seeming okay so far…all the tie patterns call for wool but i fancied doing something different and as ties are normally shiny it seemed perfect!! i have also started doing another flat bottomed tie from a vintage pattern that is coming out wonderfully! theyre taking an awfully long time to get longer and theyre very fiddly!! i shall post photos when they are bigger/finished!! ps thanks to all that answered what a wonderful forum this is!!! such kind people helping with my issue!!!