(p1.k1) 3 times in next stitch

These are the instructions for part of a row, that is from an old workbasket magazine pattern called A Tulip Patterned Baby Afghan. However, I cannot seem to get this right, because when I get to the the next row I can see I have obviously done this wrong. I have been knitting off and on for approximately 25 years and have never run into this particular instruction. Please help! Thanks!
(p1,k1) 3 times in next stitch

My take is that you should get 6 stitches in the one.

P,K,P,K,P,K all into the one stitch. Is it for a bobble?

It does not say a bobble and it does not look like a bobble in the picture, but from reading the rest of the pattern I believe I should only have one stitch when I get to the next row, So I am thinking I must have done the (p1,k1) three times in next stitch wrong because when I get to the next row I have quite a bit of yarn that just comes loose, any ideas and thanks for your input

The way it’s written-[I]-in the next stitch[/I]–tells me that it’s an increase.

Purl one into the stitch, but don’t slide it off. Bring the yarn to the back between the needles and knit into the same stitch, again not sliding it off. Bring the yarn to the front between the needles and purl again, and repeat, making sure to bring the yarn to the back to knit and to the front to purl. You should end up with knittable stitches on the next row.

Ok thanks, I am ripping out now and will give it another try. Thank you Momlin