P1 into back of yo

Urgent help needed, please. :aww:

Not quite sure how to ‘purl into the back of a yarn over’

The pattern is a free one off Ravelry. It’s the Ribbed Lace Bolero. I’m doing it for my daughters 18th birthday (less than a month away) and am suck on this one thing.

row 1: k1 (k2tog, yo, yo, ssk) repeat until 1 stitch left, k1
row 2: p1 (p1, p1 into first yo, [B][I]p1 into the back of the second yo[/I][/B], p1) repeat lace pattern until 1 stitch left, p1
Repeat these two rows until entire piece measures 3 inches from target length.

In order to do the purl into the 2nd yo, do I keep the yarn at the front of my work (as to purl) or do I bring it to the back of my work (as to knit)???

No, you leave the yarn in front because you will purl into it. Look in the Glossary for p-b or p tbl; I think there’s a video and it’s the same thing.

Thank you so much! :muah:
Gotta love those videos! :inlove: