P1 and K1 tog

Goodmorning everyone.
For the first time i found the decrease p1 and k1 tog.
Can anyone explain it to me?
Do I have to purl without dropping it off the left needle, bring the yarn to the front and knit the purl one with the next stitch? thanks!

You can either p2tog or k2tog depending on the stitch pattern.
What is the name of your pattern? Can you quote just the row with this direction in it and the row before this? Don’t post a large portion of the pattern due to copyright.

Hi Salmonmac and thanks for your answer.
The pattern is in the round and the decrease is for the top of the hat.
Body round is p5, k1 and decrease round is p4, p1 and k1 tog

OK, it depends on the design of the pattern and how you would like the top of the hat to look.
If you k2tog you’ll maintain the column of knit sts and have one fewer purl sts between knits.
If you p2tog you’ll eliminate the knit column and have all purl sts.
Take a look at the pattern photo and see if you can determine which the designer intended or which you prefer.
What is the name of the pattern?


Thank you again.
Pattern link: https://hobbii.com/gran-hat

Thank you for the link. Definitely k2tog to continue the knit column rib.
Lovely looking hat.

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