P1 and K1 into the same YO


I am thinking of tackling this pattern for a shawl:

The instructions are a little tricky for me, as I am still fairly a beginner. I am okay with lace patterns, and I think I can handle the fiddly cast-on, but one instruction threw me:

P1 and K1 into the same YO

I am assuming the row below has the YO into which I am purling and knitting. I have never purled or knit multiple stitches into a single stitch (at least, not intentionally!). How is this done? I looked quickly at the excellent glossary here at Knittinghelp.com, but did not see anything. It sounds simple enough, but a video would be great.

Help from fellow knitters appreciated, as always.

Just purl into the YO, leave it on the needle and move the yarn to the back to knit into it. If you did 2 purls or 2 knits into the loop you’d just get a bigger loop.

That makes sense. I’ll have to try it a few times on some scrap yarn to be sure I get it.

Man, I’ve got to start a scrap square to just practice all these things on. Whenever I want/have to try something new, it always seems like I’m in the middle of a project.

You think P1, K1 into a yo is difficult? One of my projects at the moment called for 9 sts into a yo. Granted it was a double yo, but it was still a tight fit. A practice square is a good idea though.

It’s a great idea to have a bit of leftover yarn in your bag or box or wherever you keep you work to try out new techniques or just to see how the sts work together.