Just came in the mail from KnitPicks this morning!!!:cheering:

THe pinks are Gossimer and the blies are Shimmer

Oh poop, the photo size is too big. Here it is on flicker

Beautiful! :inlove:

How Lovely!!

I’m jealous. What beautiful yarn.

Gorgeous yarn. What will you make with them? Or do you know yet?

Those are beautiful! You can click on “different sizes” on the lower right of photo and choose a smaller one next time. :wink:

OK let’s try it

Oh I did it!!! THanks Jan!!!

I’m going to attempt a shawl. I’ve never made one before. THis yarn was on sale at KP so I thought I’d try a couple. I’m looking at Candle flame shawl (free on KP) and Ene’s Scarf from Scarf Style (looks like a shawl to me)

ooooooo :drool:

Wah Wah Wee Wah. :inlove:

beautiful! just gorgeous!