So I went to Seattle to pick up my son. He’s been staying there all last week for xmas. (So nice to have peace and quiet for a week. But I digress…) SO I took the train up from Portland and was going to catch the 5:30 right back but Grammie convinced me to stay the night. “We can go yarn shoppinig since you weren’t here for xmas and I can get you a gift” SAY NO MORE. So we went to Bad Women Knits and I picked out a hank of Lorna’s Laces and she goes “OK now what else do you want?” THis woman is amazing. So I got 4 balls of this Bunny print.

No one else in my family EVER buys me anything knitted related on my birthday, holidays whatever. Oh sure they get me nice smelly bath soaps and fine gifts but no one ever gets me what I really want. Except my mother in law. She always gets the best gifts. She just has a good sense of people and wants to make people happy. She has really grown on me in the past few years. When I first married her son, I thought she was a terrible person. She didn’t want us to get married especially cuz we wanted kids and my ex’s parents sat us both down on our wedding night and basically told us that as an interracial couple we shouldn’t have kids. I was so mad. And I felt like they hated me for the longest time. But now that their grnadson is here they love him. And she has mellowed soooo much.

So anyany here’s what I got.

Oops! photos are too big. Here they are on my flicker

very pretty! Yikes about your wedding night! Oh my! I love how parents change with grandkids…a friend of mine and I always say “that’s not my dad/mom. That’s some old man/woman trying to get into heaven!” :slight_smile:

Ooooo those are so pretty! That’s really nice of her to get you a Christmas gift especially something as yummy as that! :inlove:

That’s beautiful yarn!

Ouch about the wedding night, though. I hope it was just a generational thing. I did Teach for America in an all-black school (I’m white) in a very segregated part of the South right after college, and one of my 3rd grader’s dads who was in his came to pick him up after school one day, and the kid ran over to give me a hug before he left, and the man ran over and pulled his son off me with a terrified look in his eyes and started apologzing profusely. I was really confused at the time, but looking back on it, I realize that growing up in the 50s in that part of the country, he probably knew a lot of people who got killed for doing less than his son did.

Thank God we’ve made progress. We’re definitely not all the way there yet, but hopefully some day we will be.

Ok…I just LOVE that Lorna’s Laces. Scrumptious!!!

Beautiful yarn!! That LL yarn is gorgeous!
So cool about your MIL!!! (The gift-giving [B]and[/B] the mellowing part.)

All your yarn is lovely…I quiet fancy the Bunny Print…what are you going to knit with it?

:happydance: ohh very pretty!! I’m anxious to see the Child’s play knitted up… I’ve eyed the colorway for some time but not sure what it would look like when it was used :teehee: