P0rn for women

Have y’all seen this? I think it’s hysterical!!!

That’s cute!!:woot:


Oh, Baby!!:happydance:

As long as I have two legs to walk on, you’ll never take out the trash.

Swoooooon. (fanning self, and panting)

:roflhard: great find!!!

That is truly a fantasy! Too funny!

I’m not big on fantasy books.



:teehee: BinkyKat

:thud: :drool: :eyebrow:

Oh Binky!! Thanks for my first laugh of the day!! (And, I didn’t think this day would hold ANY laughs!!)

Every time my dh vaccuums I tell him that I can hardly restrain myself from tearing his clothes off. There is nothing sexier than a man CLEANING.


Glad to be of service! :thumbsup:

It makes me nervous when mine cleans…because if it ain’t his, it doesn’t stay :wall:

That’s hilarious! I’m new to the world of living with a partner and I’ve discovered the joys of having to ask my boyfriend to do something 500 times and sounding like his mother! Maybe I’ll buy this as a hint on how to start things up!