P, yo, k1, yo

How does p, yo, k1 differ from p1 k1?

A p1 k1 is done over 2 sts and results in 2 sts; p, yo, k1 is done on 2 sts and results in 3 sts, the yo is an increase.

Am working a pattern that calls for BOTH yo and yrn. I know what yo is, but have not heard of yrn. Does anyone know the difference? Thx for your help!

It’s a british knitting term for a YO done with a purl st or two. It’s the same as a yarn over.

Thx, Sue! I figured it had to be the same, but never though about it being for purl stitches! I mean, how many different 'yo’s are there?

Four. At least in British terms… yfwd between 2 knits, yrn from a knit to a purl (or purl to purl), yon from a purl to a knit. And there’s another one involving a purl, I can’t remember. They tell you exactly how to move your yarn, but unless you grew up learning that before YO, it can be confusing.