P*rn within

Well ! all i can say is. You are one lucky girl. Mine is slobbed out in front of the telly lol

I think he’s a keeper! You must be one fantastic wife for him to be so good to you. Enjoy him, we are all envious (although my DH is pretty good about knitting stuff too, when we can afford it)!!!

Are you sure that’s your husband? Sounds to me as though the aliens have landed.

Husband …? oh, yeah, I remember now - he’s that bloke who comes in the front door here, mutters something about can’t find his tie and disappears out the back.

I occasionally catch a glimpse of him tapping away on a computer keyboard but other than that, he’s no trouble at all.

I phoned John Lewis’s today to check if they had any of that wool left and they said they were invaded yesterday by a glassy-eyed woman, toting a pink, knitted puppy, who kept shouting ‘Porn! Outa my way!’ and bought up the lot.

The sales assistant sounded as if she was still twitching when I rang.[COLOR=Black] Couldn’t possibly have been you, Jen, could it![/COLOR]

(I’m STILL green about that wool)[/COLOR]

Pretty Yarn!

Noooo…that wasn’t me…must have been someone else…:shifty: