Oz/yardage equation?

Hello all,
Perhaps this has been asked and answered already, and if so, I apologize (I’m not the best at finding previous topics). But does anyone know of an equation to figure out the yardage per ounce of a certain weight (worsted, fingering, chunky, etc.) of yarn? I have some mystery thrift store yarn in fingering and worsted that listed oz on the labels, but not yardage. Much thanks!

Hmmm :thinking:
Does the label have a free pattern on it? If it does, check to see if they give yardage requirements for the project in case you want to substitute. You could plug those numbers and do some math.

Otherwise, how about finding a yarn in a LYS of comparable weight etc and maybe that label will give you a better idea.

Hope that helps … :??

I searched the internet and this is all I could come up with for conversion charts. All the sites I went to links to this one, but it doesn’t look like it does oz to yards :??


no, but with a little math I was able to figure out the answer I needed. Abpout 105-143 yards per ounce for fingering and 75-100 yds per oz for worsted. Thanks!

How did you figure it out? :??