OxiClean for laundry

Does anyone use OxiClean in their laundry? The rate of stains in my house seems to have grown exponentially with the birth of my son and I imagine it will only get worse as he gets more mobile. I feel like I spend all day stain spotting our clothes, wash cloths etc and yet they still come out of the laundry dingy. Does OxiClean really work as well as the commercials imply???

Yep, it or one of the other brands works pretty well.

I love oxi clean! I used it washing all my uniforms when I in culinary school. Talk about stains! It was the only thing besides bleach that worked.

Agreed! I definitely have had good results with it and would recommend giving it a try :thumbsup:

I don’t know if it makes a difference in my laundry or not, but I put it in. I perfer bleach for the whites and clorox color safe for everything else. I have used a variety to spot treaters, but haven’t found one I like.

I do LOVE oxiclean for keeping my stove clean. I soak those pans that are under the burners once a week, and they are sparkley and clean. It can remove the worst burnt on messes.

I bet it does the same thing in the laundry.

I swear by the stuff. I use it in my laundry consistently and don’t have a problem with dinginess. It works really well on stains, especially the greasy stuff. However, I do pre-treat with Shout on the really bad stains (like blood, etc.)…better safe than sorry.

Thank you ! I will add OxiClean to my shopping list for tomorrow ! I do treat the really obvious/bad stains, but it seems as though his spit up and drool (his mouth run like a waterfall now that his teeth are erupting) must attract just dirt in general. I guess I notice it more with him b/c a lot of onsies and washcloths we were given for him are white. I personally don’t wear a lot of white b/c I am a klutz and prone to ruining white clothes.

I ust Oxy-Clean. It takes out even old stains which have been on a t-shirt through many unsuccessful washes. the no-name brand doesn’t seem to do the same.

and to Yarnrainbow, I’d like to quote Jerry Seinfeld: “If you have blood on your clothing, maybe laundry isn’t your biggest problem right now”. (LoL, loved that one!)

OK…I’m telling my age now. I found my christening gown along with my brother’s and sister’s in my grandmothers trunk. Unfortuneately, they each had a decorative safety pin at the neck and some staining. I’m now 61 years old and my sister is 65, so you do the math. I soaked them in Oxy-Clean and all the rust stains came out and they all were white again. They are now vacuum sealed until I can get them framed in a shadow box of some kind. My grandmother hand-made them and they are beautiful. The Oxy-Clean worked wonderfully!

I use OxiClean in my laundry all the time. I also make a paste and pre-treat with it. When my kids were in onsies and crawling around, I would soak the really dirty clothes overnight in a bucket with OxiClean. It removed the accidents that leaked out of the diaper (if you know what I mean), burp stain, baby food stain, and all types of dirt and stain.

Have always had great results! Just follow the directions and you’ll be very pleased.

Haven’t tried on my stove, but I may now:aww:

Our son was a big drooler. He stayed wet from drool and the runny nose. I kept a bib on him almost constantly which helped collect anything that would otherwise land on his clothes.
Oxi-clean wasn’t on the market then or I would have tried it.

I have used it since it became available and like it a lot.

We have very hard water here in Houston and I use Oxy Clean in ALL my laundry. It’s the BEST!

I found that it drained the colours out of my clothes faster. If have had to try a few different varieties of soaps to find ones that worked better with the types of stains that I had. The best thing for the baby stains though was my mothers new LG front loader :slight_smile:

I used a product called Zout from Nancy’s Notions. It was very concentrated and a little capful of it would get stains out of a whole load. When my youngest son played little league baseball, one evening 's practice involved sliding to the base on red clay in the rain. By the time they were through, his white double knit pants were red with clay caked into it. I soaked the pants over night in the washer with two capfuls of the Zout and then washed them . When he wore them back to the next practice, his pants were the only white one on the team. If you live in the US, you can get a bottle of Zout at Walmart, but it is not the same formula I used.

I know that 4 scoops OxiClean per gallon of water, 6 hours, works for soaking. :thumbsup:

What other dosages work, for you?

I know it’s an old thread that got bumped up. LOL I use an oxy product and it seems to work just as well as the Oxy-Clean, I think it’s Sun Oxy or something like that from Walmart, a lot less expensive. Hydrogen peroxide is good for going on things like blood stains, the sooner the better, but it even helps with dried ones. I’ll soak the spot with HP and let it sit for a while.