Owlet Sweater for DGS

I just finished this last night. It didn’t get blocked. It is superwash wool so should be washed and dried I guess, but DGS was here today and so was DH so he took some pictures for me. It has already gone home with its owner.

Awww, the baby and sweater are so cute!

oh my goodness, what a sweetie-pie!!! the sweater is cute too :slight_smile:

AWW so cute. I love how the owls eyes and the babys eyes match!!

That baby is adorable! Love the sweater!

What a sweetheart he is! Love the sweater too. :heart:

Great sweater! And you grandson is precious.

AWWW! Sweet! And the sweater is great, too.

I downloaded this pattern from Ravelry in an adult size. I think it is so cute and want to make one for each of my granddaughters. Did you adapt this pattern yourself or is there a free pattern online for children that I missed?

BTW- your grandbaby is so cute and he looks ready for fall weather dressed in that color.

I think the sweater is sweet and you DGS even more:inlove:

Just love this pattern and you’ve done it beautifully, :yay: out of a super color! The baby is just precious! :muah: :muah: :muah:

Ditto on what everyone else said - love the sweater and that is one beautiful baby!

That is just TOO ADORABLE!!! I love it! :heart:

OMG- I have seen that sweater and it was adult size. I am assuming you made mods to it. Have you kept notes of your stitch count. I would love to make this sweater for a baby, but don’t know how I would modify it.

Sorry if this isn’t allowed or violates some copyright rule. I loved the sweater when I saw it, but thought it was too child-like with the owls (unless you are an owl fan). I never thought about making it for a baby.

I love it, and am envious of your ability to modify, so industrious.

I also love the blue eyes, baby and owls!

The baby is so cute in the nice sweater

What an adorable sweater! AND your DGS is too cute!!! :heart:

beautiful…the sweater and the baby! what kind of yarn did you use?

Thanks everybody for the comments on the sweater and my little grandson. He is a cutie all right. :thumbsup:

For those who asked about the pattern. Kate Davies is the designer of this version and the adult owl sweater. This version (which is not free) comes in sizes for babies and children. Here is the info from the pattern about the sizes–

Sizes: Baby owlet : size 1 (6-9 months, 19 inches, 12 owls); size 2 (9-12 months, 20 inches, 13 owls); size 3
(12-18 months, 21 inches, 14 owls); size 4, (18-24 months, 22 inches, 15 owls); size 5 (24-36 months, 22-23
inches, 16 owls).
Kid owlet : size 1 (4-5 years, 22-23 inches, 12 owls); size 2 (6-7 years, 24 inches, 13 owls); size 3 (7-8 years, 26
inches, 14 owls); size 4 (9-10 years, 28 inches, 15 owls); size 5 (11-12 years, 30 inches, 16 owls).

The pattern may have been $5.00 but I thought with all those sizes it was worth it. I found the pattern through Ravelry but if you don’t have Ravelry you could probably do a search for[I] Owlet Kate Davies[/I]. and find it.

So I did not have to do any modifying. I used the next to the smallest size and I think my gauge was a little off so that it turned out a little smaller which was good for my DGS.

I used Cascade 220 superwash wool for this sweater. The owls eyes are little black buttons I got at Wal-Mart.

Awww, that is the most adorable baby and sweater, too!
Great work, Judy! It’ll get blocked by next week in the wash!

I love rusty color and owls around the neck!:muah: