Ow-y. ;.;

Man, it really SUCKS to try to knit when you managed to take a little chunk out of your thumb on your dominant hand. It’s RIGHT at the fold, under the thumb pad, too. But I pushed on, trying to get my nan’s shawl worked on a bit before bed only to find out I think the pattern is beep’ed up. sigh

(As to how I hurt my thumb, I happen to be going to school for autobody repair and paint and managed to catch my thumb on something hardened on the garbage lid as it closed. Probably body putty or fill …)

I’m sorry you hurt your thumb! Will a bandaid help? :hug:

And I quoted this part because it kind of made me laugh… your name is “YarnKitten” and going to school for auto body repair doesn’t fit the name. :teehee:

Unfortunately, I don’t think a bandaid would help much. It’s not too sore to the touch, it’s sore to bend. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah … we have a “communications” class with the Industrial Mechanics and they were making fun of knitting that had come up on the fake resume we were studying. I wanted to turn around and be like “I knit. beep you.” Those guys are annoying anyway. XD

I spent most of last communications class looking up knitting patterns on the computer anyway.

I think it is awesome that you are doing autobody and you knit too!! I can see how they relate to each other - they are both following a sew pattern of how things go together and it is like working a puzzle to get there! :slight_smile: That scarf pattern that you are doing is GORGEOUS!! I love it! I can’t wait to see a pic of if finished!! Don’t hurt yourself trying to work on it! Maybe you need to sit with your hand on the hot pad for a little while and see if that helps loosen it up a little!

Good luck!!

Aww, I hope your thumb is feeling better soon! I get papercuts in that same spot all the time… ow!