Hello, I am new.
I am 25 years old and started knitting yesterday! I don’t really know what I am doing and learning by myself. I went to hobby craft yesterday and bought some cheap wool and some size 3 3/4mm needles, I didn’t really have a clue what I was buying so I just picked needles that looked similar size to what my nan used when I was little. The wool I am using says it’s for size 4mm needles (didn’t know what this meant til I got home).

After several hours yesterday I feel quite competent at single cast on, knit and purl using English method and casting off but all I have done is a few sample squares. It all looks quite even so I’m quite pleased with it.

I want to get started straight away onto some sort of project so I will have a finished result rather then just squares. I was thinking maybe a scarf. Does anyone have any recommendations for a very first project? There is a charity shop near me that has a massive knitting section so I am going to go in a bit and indulged in some more wool and needles. I fancy making a chunky scarf just using basic knit so I can practise keeping it even.

I am really excited about how much there is too learn in knitting and I think it’s a lovely hobby for someone my age, I don’t know anyone else my age that knits.

You’ve made a wonderful beginning. Having consistent tension so that the stitches come out even usually takes time but it sounds like you are over that hurdle. I think you’ve suggested a good idea for a scarf yourself. Using all knit rows (garter stitch) will keep the scarf lying flat without a curling edge. You could also look at sites like Pattern Central and Ravelry (free to join) or the various yarn manufacturers’ sites for more ideas and tons of patterns.
Knitting is great and I’m glad you’ve discovered it too! Welcome to KH.

Welcome to Knitting Help!

If you are just going to practice the knit stitch then you can just cast to make it as wide as you want. Then start knitting. :thumbsup:

Hi and welcome. It always amazes me when someone picks up knitting as quickly as you seem to have done. Good start. A scarf sounds like a great idea. Have fun.

Congratulations on your fabulous start, and welcome!

This is a link to the pattern I used for my first completed project in cotton: http://www.groupepp.com/dishbout/kpatterns/grfavorite.html

It’s simple and quick, and as you’re using wool the squares can be joined together to make scarves, or blankets, or anything you can think of a use for. Once you make one, you’ll know how to change the size of the squares. Make the squares bigger for blankets if you like, or smaller for coasters, computer/TV screen wipes, etc.

Good luck!

Hello I just want to say a massive thank you for this, I have made this last night and I’m so pleased with my end result. The knit is all very even and I only dropped one stitch. This was the first time I had dropped a stitch and I didn’t know how to save it so there is a tiny hole in it but other than that I am really pleased. I fancy doing something like this again but with a small pattern in the centre, making a few in different colours then stitching together to make a throw. Do you have any recommendations for a pattern?

I went to st claires hospice yesterday and I got 4 balls of wool and a set of needles (says size 3 but they look approx 6mm to me) for only £1. Sadly they do not have enough wool the same to make a proper garment.

Oh and forgot to say, I went to visit my nan yesterday to tell her about my new hobby and I have never seen her so excited. She went to her cupboard and has given me a box of patterns, about 100 of them dating from 40s to late 90s. They all look very complicated but something for me to aim for! My nan can’t knit any more as he arthritis in her hands is too bad but she has given me a few tips and is going to help me as much as she can. I would like to make something really special for her.

Hi and welcome! I second joining Ravelry, a social network for crafters that allows you to find and organize everything from yarns and free patterns to people and interest groups. It could be overwhelming at first but inspiring nonetheless.

As I was told, there are about 50 million knitters in the North America, so there must be someone your age :slight_smile: And you could search for local knitting groups too.

And it’s wonderful that you have an experienced knitter by your side. She would be the type who will be thrilled with a knitted gift and find it very special indeed.

Congrats on the successful first project. You are one lucky knitter to have a go-to nan for tips and questions and I’m sure she was thrilled to be told of your new hobby.
If you need to fix dropped sts in the future (or other mishaps, however infrequent) there’s a great series of videos under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Tips, Fixing Mistakes.

Welcome to KH!!! I just turned 25 in January and have been knitting for about 3 years! Have fun learning and dont get frustrated over a mishap…we learn through mistakes so don’t give up!!!


Sounds like you’ve made a great start. Welcome to the forum.

I’m 24 and have been knitting for about 5 years now. It’s a great hobby, very addictive.


Thank you all for your support. I have started on my second project now, I have found a pattern on line for a dishcloth with a clover pattern in the middle made using simple knit purl. I quite like making these dishcloths, I have found loads of patterns for them online but they all seem to be different sizes and I don’t feel competent enough yet to start changing them. Does anyone know where I can find a collection of dishcloth patterns that are the same size so I can stitch them together to make a patchwork throw?

I only have two sets of needles at the moment, a uk 3 and a 3.34mm but I’m going to go back to the charity shop this week and try and get a selection of different ones to play around with. The needles are only 20p each in that shop!

I don’t know if these will all come out the same size, but the dozens of patterns at this sitecould be close by changing needle sizes if you want. There’s certainly enough to choose from.

I’m so glad the dishcloth pattern worked out so well for you!:happydance:

I don’t know of anywhere online to get an assortment of all the same sized squares, but if you know how to crochet,or if your Nan does, a SC, ch-3, SC border can be used to join squares that are almost the same size and no one but you would be the wiser about the squares being slightly different sizes.

Or, you may want to look for a Leisure Arts dishcloth pattern booklet. All patterns in those dishcloth booklets tend to have roughly the same dimensions and could be sewn together.

And 20 pence for needles, plus a Nan who can help you learn, is a fabulous deal! :slight_smile:

You do now. :slight_smile: I’ll be 25 in two weeks!

If you drop a stitch, a crochet hook can help pick it up and crochet it back up to where it belongs and slip it back on the left needle.

Thnk you all for being so welcoming. I actually gave up on the dishcloths and have jumped straight onto a baby cardigan. My nan picked me out an easy pattern so I’m taking my time with it and learning as I go. Once I have all the pieces done my nan is going to help me stitch them together. Only problem I have is I don’t know how much wool I’m going t need as I’m not using the one it said in the pattern so it might come out completely wrong size! Once I know I can knit from a pattern properly then I will invest in some more expensive wool. at the moment I’m using patons fab wool in baby pink.

I have dropped a couple of stitches but have Been ableto pick them up with a tiny crochet hook so no holes on my cardigan so far :slight_smile:

I have been to hobby craft a few times to look t the different wools, there are so many different ones. Does anyone know of a website where there is an explanation of the different terms?

Here are several sites for tables and discussions of yarn weights and types.


Making a baby sweater is a very good idea. It gives you practice at reading a pattern and perhaps doing some shaping as well. Good luck with it and post a picture if you’d like so we can all see!

Thank you so much.
Here is the pattern I’m doing:

I’m making the one with the round yoke and here is my progress so far, it’s not perfect and my first time knitting with smaller needles but I’m quite pleased with my consistency so far and know it’s only going to get better with practice :). I’m making this for my friends baby, my family keep joking that the baby will have started school by the time I finish it so it might have to end up being dolls clothes!

It’s an adorable pattern and you’ve made a great start on it.
Don’t worry about speed. Doll’s clothes are lots of fun too. Lovely color, even tension, looking good!