Oversized Beanie

Hi, first post here. I’ve been knitting for about a year, taught through this website infact! I’ve not made much, beyond a bunch of scarves and a few hats, but once I get some DPNs I’m gonna start socks, woo!

A friend of mine requested an oversized beanie, but I couldn’t think how I could make it look oversized without it flowing over her eyes. Here is an image and video of what she was going for:


So that’s where I’m at, any recommendations on a pattern or how I could adapt a regular beanie pattern to achieve the same effect? Thanks!

Obviously you’d make it longer than normal, but to get the poofiness w/o it falling in the face you might cast on the normal amount of stitches for the ribbing and then increase after that to make it “too big” before the decrease. You may have to experiment to come up with exactly what you want.

Try looking for beret or tam patterns, which are looser on top than your basic beanie.

Or a rasta style hat… someone was asking for patterns along those lines a few weeks ago here. Jan’s general premise is a good one but even in the picture you see a lining or second hat is underneath otherwise I suspect that hat would easily slip down. I guess if push came to shove and it wound up a problem, you could sew a strip of elastic inside the brim (so it’s not seen on the outside) and this would simply regulate that area so it didn’t fall.