Overgrown baby afghan

I made a huge mistake when starting this project. I used larger needles but did not decrease the number of stitches. Now the afghan is going to be huge if I continue. I do not want to start over, as it is almost 36 inches long, however it is also twice that wide! Can I some how cut the afghan in half? If so how?

You can cut work to make it smaller. But that won’t work in this case. The cut has to be parallel (east-west direction) with the knitting needle. That way you have a row of stitches to pick up. And you can add another border. If you cut your project this way, you’d have to scarf like pieces 64" long & 18" wide.

Since you want to make the cut north-south, you will have an edge that will unravel. There is a technique called steeking that you can use for it. But you must knit a facing. And I wouldn’t use it on a blanket. Yes, possible. No, I won’t recommend it.

Maybe this blanket could be used as is. And you make another smaller one.

Thank you Abby. I am thinking that I might fold the blanket in half and crochet an edging all the way around. The afghan is a lacy pattern so it is light weight and by doubling it it will be warmer.

That would work. Sounds like a good solution. Double sided and nice & warm for baby.