Overdying cotton/acrylic blend

Does anyone know and do you think it is possible to overdye a bland, uninteresting oatmeal colored 40/60% cotton/acrylic blend? I have some discontinued Sirdar Breeze DK that I love but the color is blah.
I realize the acrylic would not pick up the color, but might the cotton in the blend give me some sort of heathered look? I have never dyed before and any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks :aww:

Yup, you’re right that the dye won’t stick to acrylic. I’m sure you can dye the cotton though - you can try those t-shirt tie-dye kits or buy something like Procion MX dyes. Googling “cotton dyes” or “dying cotton yarn” will give you plenty of options.

Good luck!

Thank you - I’ll let you know if I decide to try this…