Overdying Alpaca

I’ve dyed wool with acid wash Jacquard dye. But never alpaca.

I’m making a patterned mitten using 2 tones of the same yarn. I have a pale grey. And want to overdye half the yarn to black or charcoal. I know I need to use extra dye to get black. I’m wondering about how alpaca dyes. Is the timing the same? Does it need the same temperature? How well does it hold the color? Any tips?


Alpaca will felt easily, so be sure you don’t agitate. Other than that, treat it as any other animal fiber. It picks up dye very well.

Thank you.

Fiber artists say that the natural greys are much mnore pleasing than the 5:1 or 9:1 ratio of black to white, they have more than black and white fibers, and are actually a mixture of a range from black to white inclusive.I don’t think grey is a fad at all. The rose greys have become very p[opular in the last few yeas, but the silvers have not decreased in popularity at all. And of course black is always popular.I don’t think you can go wrong breeding for greys. You will get the odd black, white, fawn and brown from your breedings, and as long as you are breeding for the best in conformation and fleece character, you should always get a good cria no matter what color it turns out to be.I do think that it is a good niche to be in, the black and grey, as they are harder to breed for than whites and fawns.