Over the knee socks

Hi, I’m new to this, so here goes! Lol
I have a knee sock knitting pattern but want to make them for someone who has chunky legs!
To make them bigger, do I just add more stitches!? The pattern is a fair isle pattern so is it just that easy, or do you have to do something else?
Hope someone can help xx

You may have to add an extra repeat of the fair isle pattern or at least consider the pattern repeat when adding sts. When you get past the leg, you may have to consider decreasing again to work the ankle, heel and foot.
Can you tell us the name of the pattern or give us a pattern link?

Hi, thank you for replying!
The pattern is on Ravelry. And called Anelmanen Grey Beauties by Anelma Kervimen.
I suppose I can put in another repeat of pattern but not sure how much bigger it’ll be! Lol

Those are amazing and quite a bit of work.

Figure out how many sts you’re getting to the inch on a swatch and then work out how many inches more you can add for the size you want. Adjust that to the pattern repeat.

So if you get the pattern gauge (18sts/4inches) and you need to add 2 inches that would mean adding 9sts. If the pattern repeat is close to that (say 8 or 10sts), then go ahead and add the 9sts. You’ll be close given the stretch of the yarn and knit sts. Just be sure to keep your floats loose.

Love to see how these turn out!