Outside my window

Pfffft…that’s nothin’! Come to Canada and see some real snow! :wink:

The first snow is always pretty isn’t it?

Hasn’t snowed in my part of Canada yet or at least it hasn’t stuck yet, so you know that means that we’ll probably get swamped with snow later, I need to pick my knitting back up but it just seems as though I haven’t the time.

It’s beautiful. Maybe someday I’ll see Scotland.

We had a little snow in upstate NY on Sunday, but it didn’t stick. I definitely need snow at Christmas.

I agree, the first snow is [I]the[/I] best snow. Oh, and the last. :teehee:

Yeah, we had our first snow on Saturday/Sunday (early morning). Which, is pretty early for the area I’m in…I can’t even remember the last time I saw snow before December…granted it was only one day before December…lol…We had about an inch or so, but, it warmed up a bit today and it’s already melting…Gotta love the Midwest. 30 degrees one day and 80 the next :teehee:

hasn’t snowed in my part of Canada yet either. Although I think I saw a snowflake today.

Er . . . what’s “snow”? Around these parts when people talk about the “white stuff” it’s FOG.

Very pretty picture, BTW!

We just got some more snow here! Not a lot by any means, but a light dusting of the streets and cars and such…I hope this is no indication of how bad it will get! I’m not used to seeing snow so early here!

yay snow!

Here in Utah we had our first snow back at the beginning of October. I miss Florida. :frowning:

Those of you who like snow can have my share. Both times I broke my left leg, and both auto accidents (I was not driving) were due to/in snow or ice conditions. Bah humbug! :oo:

It looks pretty! I like all the bushes/hedges!