Outdoor Volunteering on a So Cal winter weekend!

My son and I volunteer for an organization called Habitatwork.org here in Southern California quite often. This past weekend we were eradicating tamarisk (a pesky non-native plant that’s basically taking over the west) in the Los Padres National Forest on Piru Creek (near last year’s fire site) at a little place called Hardluck. The following pics are just one reason (in my humble opinion) there is just no place like Southern California for outdoor activity in the winter!!! These pictures don’t do justice to the area though :sun: :sun: :sun:

The first picture is a landscape pic, the second is where we stopped for lunch. That’s me hiding in the back :teehee: The third pic is of a mountain lion print. Those of you familiar with mountain lions will recognize that it was either a juvenile or a female. I’ve seen much bigger prints.

Great idea! Southern CA is certainly more outdoor friendly in the winter than most places. :wink:

I hadn’t heard of that site. Thanks for the link. :wink:

As a former Los Angelino you are really making me homesick as I sit here in the Dallas, TX area on a gloomy and rainy day. Enjoy!

lol Wanda, I figured the pics would make some people living in the areas hit by cold, rainy, snowy weather lately jealous. It’s been beautiful lately, but we do need more rain to maintain our snow pack and hopefully Crossed Fingers make even the slightest impact on our drought. So even with these beautiful blue skies and sunny days and most of the country singing “rain rain go away” I’m praying for rain - especially in Northern California. Crazy crazy me huh!!!