Outdoor Norwegian sweater

This was a fun knit in SandnesGarn Smart Superwash, navy and white. It’s a Drops Design pattern.

Oh wow!! That is beautiful!!

I’m in awe. That’s beautiful beyond words. Thanks for posting your photo.

What a wonderful knit, it’s gorgeous.

wow, just wow!

bet it was it nice getting to the arms, since they’re less colorwork than the body :wink:

Beautiful! Is it an adult sweater or for children?


Wow! That is a very beautiful piece of workmanship. I admire those who do stranded knitting. :inlove:


Thank you all so much. You’re very kind.
Smallchild, it’s an adult sweater, size small.

Gorgeous - well done! You’re one clever knitter.


Holy Moly!! What a sweater!! Bet you are glad to be done!:yay:

It’s kind of a self-propelling project. I always want to see what the next row will look like in the pattern. And then maybe just one more row and well…

Some of these projects are like velcro. They just won’t leave us alone. This one was definitely worth the effort. When I grow up and turn into a real knitter, I want to knit just like you. :slight_smile:

WOW ! That is beyond impressive. Did you knit it for yourself or someone else?

It’s for me. It’s been raising its hand and asking for attention in my Ravelry queue for a looong time while I knit baby presents so I decided to treat myself.

Well done! Very pretty.