Outdoor Knitting

It’s such a beautiful day here in Atlanta. Sunshine, not too cool, not too hot, and a nice breeze blowing. After eating breakfast in the truckstop I had a seat on one of the benches outside near the entrance and enjoyed some fine outdoor knitting.

It’s nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather and fresh air while knitting. Naturally I had several comments and conversations while sitting and knitting. One Middle Eastern fellow was fascinated and just stood and watched me for a few minutes. I couldn’t understand much of what he said due to his thick accent but I gathered he liked it.

One driver’s wife said that she wished she could knit. I encouraged her to buy some yarn and needles, along with an instructional book, and give it a try. Her husband commented that he used to crochet (surprised his wife I think) and another driver said that he also used to crochet. Both of them talked about crochet for a bit and I think they had both decided to take it up again.

One woman sat down next to me to check out the scarf, feel the yarn, and watch me knit for a few minutes. She said that she would never have expected to see some big trucker sitting around knitting. :rofl:

Of course there were a few who walked buy with something of a confused look on their faces, but over all most of the people seemed truly interested and agreed that it seems like an excellent way to relax and de-stress.

I’d love to see a bunch of burly truckers sitting around the truckstop knitting and discussing the latest patterns :rofl:

THAT would be a sight to see!! :rofl:

Oooh oooh oooh!! I think I’ll open up my very own truck stop/yarn shop and call it “Sticky’s” with a huge neon semi truck with yarn balls for wheels and knitting needles on the side of the truck. cloud9
What big burly trucker would pass that up?? :roflhard:

I also meant to add that I also love knitting out doors. I am actually on my way out with the kids to the park. While they play, I will have my audio book on cd and my WIP with me. :thumbsup: It’s such a nice morning. I had better do it now, before the New Mexicio sun heats up and it will be too hot to knit outside. :wink:

Oh man…you can imagine!? That would be so cool!

Whether you realize it or not you are having a big impact not only on the craft, but on peoples perception of it. Especially men in a probably male dominated career. I’m fairly certain that the guys (and sometimes gals) you have contact with at each truck stop probably get back into their rigs and think and wonder about it especially when they get to the next stop and they are bored! :thumbsup:


Yeah, there’s something a little extra enjoyable about knitting outdoors. Enjoy the park.

Thanks, I’d like to think that’s true and maybe in some small way it could be. If nothing else it’ll give them something to talk about at the next coffee counter :rofl:


I’m A porch girl.

I love knitting in the swing or in the chair on the porch. BUt Sissy, my Maltese is almost always on my lap while knitting. :heart:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

Must resist throwing in bussiness ideas :angelgrin:
Must resist throwing in bussiness ideas :angelgrin:
Must resist throwing in bussiness ideas :angelgrin:
Must resist throwing in bussiness ideas :angelgrin:

I don’t think it’s “maybe”, but for sure you are making a difference. They may talk all “big and manly” at the next coffee counter, but based on the response you’re getting…they are thinking it’s cool. :wink:


Thanks a lot for sharing. Now, that is a post I have truly enjoyed!!! :cheering: I wish I was one of those people walking by while you were knitting. I would love to have male friends who knit. And female friends too. :cool:

Mason, I almost think you enjoy the reactions you get while knitting as the knitting itself.:teehee: Almost like multitasking.

I have to say that I always love to read your posts about trucking and knitting. They’re really great stories and always bring a smile to my face. Keep 'em coming!

More of a side benefit :rofl:

:happydance:That is wonderful!! :happydance:

Oh the weather here in Virginia is just getting the look of fall. The leaves are turning and the breeze is wonderful. This past summer was brutal for the heat and no rain.
So on the porch I sit and knit my socks everyday. Enjoy the weather Mason and your knitting.