Out ot the mouths of babies :)

My 4.5 y.o. got bored and decided she wants to knit with me (that’s her second attempt). I made a few rows in bulky yarn on 8 mm plastic needles and showed her how to make stitches. So we are sitting quietly, knitting together.

Then she says: I am a big knitter. I can knit 20 miles per hour :slight_smile:

(I wish I could too. Someone decided to organize a baby shower on a 2 days notice and I just ripped of[I] all 5 cm [/I]of baby blanket that took me 2 hours to make. Grrrr!)

Haha! Cute!

Why did you rip it out?!

It didn’t look as good as I expected. Plus, I realized that there is not enough time to finish. So now I am trying to use [I]a pattern[/I] (!) to make last minutes booties and maybe a hat of something. Don’t feel inspired to start experimenting on my own…

Yeah, not enough time for that! There are lots of easy patterns for both of those things. :thumbsup:

You really shouldn’t let her knit and drive.:teehee:



If it helps, these Mary Jane booties are adorable. I think they could be made for a little boy, too. They didn’t take long to knit.

Thanks you! You guessed it right, the ones I was making are frogged too :slight_smile:

The Mary Jane pattern was pretty easy to follow. The only thing you have to remember is to reverse the cast on stitches for the strap so you don’t end up with two left shoes. Hey, if you can do beautiful work like I’ve seen you do, this should easy. These are knit flat so it won’t look right until it’s all seamed. If you occasionally bring the cast on edges together at the bottom sole as you’re knitting, you’ll see the shaping. Maybe that was why the pattern seemed “off” to you.

It’s easy to embellish these. Sew a running stitch on the top edge of a lace ribbon, gather it up. Sew it on top of the shoe and sew or hot glue a cute button on top of the lace. Do make sure it won’t come loose, though, as buttons can be a choking hazard for babies. I’m thinking like a large one-inch four-hole button in a hot pink color. You can do the button alone if you want. For a boy, blue booties with maybe a blue anchor or sailor type button. You could also use a novelty button shaped like an airplane. These are nice because the baby can’t kick them off.

And as a last resort, there’s no shame in getting her a gift certificate or baby diapers in larger sizes for this impromptu shower. The hosts should have been more considerate and given people time to prepare. Save the fancy knitted gifts for closer to her delivery date when you have the time to do it. You’re a busy mom and with school just starting, you’ve got a lot of things to do right now that are more important. Your kids come first.

Agreed. You could get her a gift card to Baby’s R Us or some place and a box of diapers and tell her that you have something special in progress. :thumbsup:

Well, I am not sure it’s happening at all, the shower I mean :slight_smile: But thanks for support and ideas. And by the way the baby is already about 4 month old… so yeah, there are some event planning issues :slight_smile:

Ohhhh I see…it’s “after the fact” baby shower that may or may not take place. :lol: In that case I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

And I thought I procrastinated! The kid is getting so old he may be in kindergarten soon!

Just precious to remember. Aren’t these babies something? Reminds me of my kids helping in the garden. One wanted to know if we could plant potato salad and another preferred to harvest barbeque sauce.

Absolutely needs to be written into a journal so you don’t forget.

That’s funny! I do have a file where I write things they say down. I hope to print it as a gift for their birthdays at some point when they grow up.

Our funniest moment was at a funeral. It was a Catholic mass. I think the priest conducting the funeral might have been a bishop. He was dressed in a miter cap and green vestments with gold embroidery. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. My two year old daughter piped up in a really loud voice, “Mom, is that God up there?” The whole church cracked up. The priest tried hard to compose himself enough to carry on with the funeral, but he kept laughing too.


We’ve had some dandys. I have identical twin sons. The best line was when one twin turned to the other one and said, “I’m better looking than you are.”