Out of pocket!!

Hi, Im a returning knitter, like many others. I like wearing cardies and good woolies are hard to come by, so I decided to DIY. The cable etc is going well, but I’m struggling to understand the pocket instructions. I’ll try and summarise.
I’ve knitted two squares which are the “pocket linings”. I’ve now knitted up to an instruction which says “place pocket”. Then I have to knit 8, put the next 20 stitches onto a stich holder, “work across 20sts left on a stick holder for first pocket lining as follows - p2, work across 16sts as given for 7th row of cable panel, p2, knit rem 6sts”

I can’t picture what I’m trying to achieve. What does “place pocket” mean.

I can see from the picture that the cable is to the fore.

I’m sure it’s simple, I’d really appreciate some advice


Hi, ‘place pocket’ means adding in those pocket lining sts you have on a holder in place of the ones you are currently using. The sts you replace will then be kept on a holder and will become the ribbing at the top of the pocket front opening, the lining will be sewn in on the reverse side later. Work across the row as instructed and it will all become clear :blush: