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Hello what does Rib 35, * (inc in next st, rib 2) 8 times, Inc in next st *, Rib 46 rep from * to * once , Rib 35 … 184 sts.

What is the name of your pattern?

This sounds like the transition row between the rib on the bottom of a sweater and the main body of the sweater where you need to change the number of stitches and this is a way to increase evenly around.

You have likely just done several rows of rib.
In this row you will increase in the rib stitches at certain places and then maintain the rib pattern. To maintain the rib pattern after an increase look at the next stitch you are about to work and see if it is a knit or a purl.
If it is a knit it looks like a V you will knit into this.
If it is a purl it looks like a bump or line across - and you will purl into it.

Take the instructions one bit at a time
Rib 35 stitches

The next part you do 8 times
In next stitch increase (your pattern might say which sort of increase to do or you can do a knit front and back) this makes 2 stitches out of 1. Then rib 2 more stitches.
Do the above 7 more times.
Then Inc in the next stitch.

Rib 46 stitches maintaining the rib pattern again

Begin again at the first asterisk * and work until the second asterisk * so inc rib 2 another 8 times and 1 final Inc.

rib 35 stitches maintaining rib pattern.

Sometimes the increase stitches are evenly spaced, some times they are grouped as certain parts of the body fabric require more stitches than other parts.

Hope this helps
If it’s not clear or you don’t know how to increase or maintain the rib let us know and we can help more.

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Hello Creations the pattern is called CABLE PONCHO TOP.
yes it’s the start of the bottom of BACK - TOP.

Hello i know how to increase a stitch I think I’m confused them using (rib 2) does that mean increase by 2 stitches.
So this is all happening in row 12 - my initial cast on was 166 and now I need to add 18 stitches into one row?

Hiya. The pattern is saying “rib 2” meaning work 2 stitches in rib. They’re not telling you whether this is a knit or a purl as this will change as you increase stitches. Just work two stitches keeping to the established rib, i.e. a k or p depending on the stitch in the row below! This is a two by two rib

It looks like the pattern has two cable panels with stocking stitch panels in the middle and either side, so all the increases are concentrated in the cable sections.

So you work 35 stitches in the 2x2 rib as established. Increase in the next stitch (probably knit front and back) and then work two stitches in the rib as it presents itself. This means that you work 3 stitches and end up with 4 stitches Do this eight times and then work one more increase into the next stitch. So over the next 25 stitches, you end up with 34 stitches ( 25+8+1) and this matches the width of your first cable panel. You then have 46 knit stitches ( for the central stockinette panel), and repeat the increase instructions to set up the next cable panel. Is that ok?

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Yes you are increasing by 18 stitches in that row.
As Mel has said it’s not 2 increases it is 1 followed by working 2 stitches in the normal rib pattern, looking to see if they are knit or purl just before you work them.

You might find this easier if you put some markers or scrap yarn at the increase sections
1 at 35 stitches
1 at 60 stitches (the asterisk sections takes up 25 stitches)
1 at 106
1 at 131
Leaving 35 stitches after the last marker.

In the increase sections that is where 9 additional stitches are produced. Those 2 sections begin with 25 stitches and end up with 34. You can count them before ribbing the next part of the row.

I think you will need to remove the photo of the pattern though due to copyright. Click on the little pencil icon to edit the post to delete it.

Hello Thank you so much can I ask when I start cable am I just repeating the 2 row as well as cable pattern 1 and so on

Repeat rows 1 and 2 for the stitches outside the cable while at the same time working the next row of the chart for the cable stitches. The stitches outside the cable column will be in stockinette.