Out of Curiosity

Has anyone ever made a scarf completely out of stockinette w/out any kind of border? how did it turn out?? thanx!!

It’ll curl. Stockinette stich always curls :verysad: you’ll have to put some kind of boarder on it. I usually use moss or garter stich, but You can use whatever stich that has a combo of knit and purl on one row or something like that :slight_smile:

I know it curls but I just wondered if anyone had made one w/out a border. I am thinking about doing that just for the sake of experimentation! :whistle:

I’ve seen several stockinette scarves in stores that curl. It seems to be “in” at the moment.

I made one before I knew that plain stockinette curled. :pout: It was curling on the needles but I ignored it thinking that maybe I could block it, but the material doesn’t block well.

So I have a curled 8-foot-long stockinette scarf! I got a little carried away. :oops:

Do you ever wear your scarf?

I have one my grammy made me that I think has a border (it’s hard to tell cause it’s fuzzy), but curls. I would wear it if it wasn’t so yucky feeling. (It’s a scratchy, mohairy kinda yarn. Pretty color, though.)

Curling doesn’t stop it from keeping my neck warm!

Do you ever wear your scarf?[/quote]
I wear it at home pretty often. In fact, I’ve been wearing to sleep every day this week to help get rid of a stiff neck. I typically don’t wear scaves out of the house because it’s not usually cold enough that I need one.

Actually, I did, out of boucle, and it worked great! I made it really wide, though–I think the combo of the width and the thickness/nubbiness of the yarn are the reason it doesn’t curl, though. Anything else I make in st curls like mad.

Wearing a scarf IN the house?? Now that’s a new idea~!! :teehee:

Heck yes!! :woot:

I made a few last year this way purposely. A couple of my friends wanted tube looking scarves. They came out great!

i knit one… when i first started… before i knew about the curl factor
HATED it… wound up sewing the ends together to make like
a cowl… still HATE it… i dont
even know where it IS…