Our Walking Trail

Here are some pictures of the trail that Coco and I walk every afternoon. It’s really peaceful and quiet back there and there’s all kinds of good smells for Coco to enjoy. Just gotta keep an eye out for the gators and snakes…but other than that, it’s really beautiful.
The pictures of the carnival shows just how close to our back yard this is set up every year. This weekend in Richmond Hill is the “Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival”, which started out 10 years ago as a one-day event where some of the local restaurants in Savannah and Richmond Hill set up food booths and you could go over to the park for free and sample/buy plates of food. It has gradually grown every year and it’s now for 4 full days with a complete carnival, sorta/kinda big name bands (JoDee Messina this year), and just all kinds of stuff going on all day and night. It’s gotten so expensive now…just to get in the gate is $20! We used to be able to just walk out our back door, across the dirt road, and be in the park. Last year, the city put up a fence around the entire perimeter of the park, and that fence runs behind our house up to our property line, so now we can’t even get to the road without walking about a half-mile! And, that road is only about 30 feet from our back door! I took one picture facing our driveway and you can see the lights of the ferris wheel through the trees. For 4 days all we hear is that continuous carnival music and 10,000 screamin’ little girls on the rides:-P But, hey…it’s only 4 days a year so what the heck. Plus, we can sit on our back patio and listen to the concerts for free! :slight_smile: It used to be a lot of fun, but we don’t even go over there anymore. I have to say one thing, though…if you’ve never had fried gator tail on a stick, you should really try it…it’s delicious!!!

Great pictures and now I’ll really know who you are when you come to save me! LOL~:teehee: :wink:

I’ll probably come sit with you and knit while my hubby stays out on the lake fishin’ all day…sounds like a plan to me:thumbsup:

That’ll work!!!

I love to see other people’s photo album. Thanks for sharing some of your pics :slight_smile:

Nice walking trail! Is it the Savannah Ogeechee Canal? I was going to suggest the Seafood Fest to DH, if it is not raining. We’re probably looking at Saturday lunch.

Hi, Bambi
I’m not sure if it actually has a name, it’s just a trail that runs down behind the park. It’s about 3 miles total if you walk the whole circle. I used to just be a dirt path, but gradually it’s been paved and has benches and picnic tables along the way and part of it is lighted. It’s really very pretty. You should walk back there if you get to the Seafood Festival this year.