Our new puppy

It’s been a few months since we had to put our Sadie down so DH and I decided it was time for another puppy to keep Coco company. Poor Coco…she’s being so patient. I think she was enjoying being the only dog in the house.

Enter Lucy…an 8-week old Boykin Spaniel. I’d forgotten what it was like having a baby in the house.:hair: Without further ado, please say hello to Lucy the Terrible! (Not really, she’s adorable, especially when she’s asleep!)

I’ve never heard of a Boykin Spaniel. She’s adorable!!

Boykins are a semi-secret breed that started in South Carolina about 70 years ago. It’s only just recently that they’ve been available elsewhere. They’re mainly a bird-hunting dog, but are well suited for non-hunting families as well. We had a male Boykin a couple of years ago that we think may have eaten some poisonous mushrooms or something, but he passed away while at the vet. Since then, we’ve wanted another Boykin but it wasn’t until our other dog had to be put to sleep that we started thinking about another Boykin. They’re a great breed of dog!

Oh my gosh, she’s adorable!! :heart:

Thanks, MKS! She really is a cutie patootie. As she gets older her hair will start to get really wavy/curly and she should get a curly topnotch on top of her head. She’s so soft she almost feels like mink!

This is how she should look when grown

awwww! what a cutie!:heart:

Puppies are fun, but a lot of work, kinda like a toddler. Thank God they grow up faster than kids do!! LOL Have fun, and good luck with both your furbabies. They’re both adorable.

Awww she’s cute! I have a Lucy but she’s a 6 year old Chow/Retriever mix :slight_smile:


OMG. I love a chocolate lab.

:inlove: :heart: :inlove: What a beauty!

Too Cute!! Keep pics coming as she grows!

She’s adorable! One of my co workers just got a Boykin pup. Now I know somewhat how it looks.

Boykins aren’t a rare breed, just a well-kept secret. Lucy does look like a chocolate lab now, but she won’t get that much bigger, maybe 25-30 pounds. I saw somewhere that the AKC may finally recognize this breed, but that’s something that the breeders here are not that fond of as it could mean puppies being bred by puppy mills, which is a terrible thing. As it stands now, you have to really look hard for a breeder of these dogs because they are not that well known. They really are a great dog for hunting as well as just a fine family pet. Lucy is our second Boykin and we really love this breed.

I love sweet little puppy faces!! She’s beautiful! I’d never heard of a Boykin before. Very cool!
Enjoy her!!

Oh my GOODNESS!!! She’s such a cutie!!! :heart::heart:

And I just LOVE the name…We also have a pup named Lucy! Well, she’s not really a pup, she’s a 3 year old Mastiff…lol