Our credit card was stolen

This sucks, we got our bill today on a card that we rarely use and it went from less than $1000 to almost $3200!:shock: I got on the phone with Sears and (after they confirmed it really was us) they said that there are even more charges on it now. The bill we just received ended on the 15th of July. So the card is canceled, they are sending us new cards with new numbers and they are opening a investigation right away. And we are not libel for a penny of the bogus charges. We think it is a trucker as all the charges are at The Flying J gas stations, Shell Oil and Chevron starting in Wells, NV going all the way to Ohio and back to CA in 10 days time. Not small charges either, they go from $89 to $450 at each stop. It sucks cause we have both the cards in our wallets, we have no idea how they got the numbers but we do know that they had a card made. Flying J are strict about that, I talked to someone and she said that the person would have to permission from the credit card card to just use the numbers. And they did not. I want to hear that they guy tried using the card and it comes up saying STOLEN then he gets arrested. I want to know how he got our info. It is just kinda creeping me out the more I think of it.

Ugh. That’s awful!!

I’m so sorry that this happened to you. I’m sure you and your dh feel very violated. This happened to a friend of mine. Turns out that her server at some restaurant took her credit card at the end of the meal and swiped it through this hand held device and it got all her information somehow. Then, he gave her back the card along with her credit card receipt.

I hope you find the scum that did this.

That is creepy. What really gets me is that they could care less about stealing and the person they are stealing from. I don’t know how they sleep at night.

Wow - that really stinks. Hopefully Sears will press charges against the guy. It creeps me out the information people have access to these days.

Gosh, that is terrible. I am so sorry that happened to you. These days anyone can get numbers. Half the time the employees at places where you use them take the numbers and sell them. I read where people were writing down the numbers on the backs of gift cards, and then using them to buy stuff on-line as soon as someone would activate it. The other sad thing is that stores have policies in place to avoid this type of thing, and sometimes employees don’t follow the safety guidelines.

thats awful. i’ve had my connect card stolen a few years back. racked up a £4k bill that at the time i didnt have insurance to cover (i was 18 and stupidly thought i wouldnt need it). learnt the hard way i c an tell you.

it does scare you though, the 4k was spent in 2 hours before i noticed i had lost the card, even scarier.

i’d love to be a fly on the wall when he’s caught as well haha.

at least you know and have stopped it

That is so terrible. I do hope they arrest the person who is using it. good luck

I’m so sorry! I don’t mean to trivialize it, but at least you’re not responsible for the charges. And it could have been much worse, like a full blown identity theft. I hope this guy is busted and hauled off to jail!! :hug:

That sucks. I’m glad you won’t be responsible for the bills. I totally understand how you feel. I can’t give details, but my identity has been stolen. The guy even has my SSN, and he’s opened accounts in my name! It is very scary, and it makes me very angry. It’s very hard to figure out how these people get your information. I don’t do Internet banking. I don’t store any information on my computer. I don’t use ATM machines. The police are pretty sure they know how this guy got my information (but again, I’m not allowed to discuss it), so I hope they nail him…and your guy, too.

I fear this. On a somewhat humorous note on the subject, one of my husband’s friends had his credit card number stolen while he was staying at a hotel (desk clerk was helping himself to numbers). Anyway, he got notification of it when his credit card company called him and asked him if he was trying to buy an H2 Hummer with the card! :roflhard:
I fear identity theft, what a nightmare.:grrr: I have nothing but hate for people like that.

:hug: :heart: :hug:

I’m so sorry for that…I always worry about this too…I’m glad you guys don’t have to pay for the charges! I hope they catch him soon

How awful!! We’ve switched all of our cards to companies that have fraud/theft/identify protection so that we are covered in case this should ever happen to us. I hope things get straightened out soon for you. :slight_smile:

Somebody got my number, probably by accident and the company called me about the first $15 attempted charge.

I’m amazed yours was allowed to go that far.

An interesting thing. . .my husband and I went to St. Thomas and forgot to let the credit card company know. We weren’t able to use it until we called them and confirmed we really were in St. Thomas which made me feel a little better about our credit card company.

Do you have a shredder? It is a good idea to shred everything so that others can’t comb through your trash for personal info.

Thank you to all who have responded and a number of you got me to thinking. Why would a credit card that is not used alot (18% interest!!!), why would red flags not come up for its use to buy $450 worth of gas at a gas station in a state we have never been to? I just got off the phone with Sears and they are also puzzled as to why they did not catch it at the first purchase. They are going to look into why we fell through the cracks (that makes me feel confident that there are cracks in their credit card company!?) and no one caught this there. They also said that there were of course more purchases made and it looks like it is upwards of $5000 damage done to our card.

The $450 worth of gas is what throws me.

When my number was flagged they said it probably was because it was out of state. Yet I’m always ordering out of state.

There you had more gas than anyone can fit into a tank AND out of state and it didn’t throw up a flag?
Plus usually when you’re using a card to buy gas on a vacation there’s a trail of gas stations you’re using the card on that lead away from your house.

It’s a good thing they’re liable for the charges because they’re the ones definitely at fault.

When something similar like this happened to us it was recommended that we go to one of the credit report companies to A)check our credit and B)put a hold on our credit. Evidently when you put a hold on your credit when anything strange happens you have to be notified and if you or anybody else tries to open a new line of credit you have to be called first for permission. It kind of makes it a pain if you are trying to get a new card or if you are trying to make a big purchase like a car or something, but it sure is safer.

I’m so sorry this happened and I hope they catch them.

This happened recently to a gas station near us. Crooks put something that is called a ‘skimmer’ (?) on the card swipe thing. It takes the information on anybody that swipes their card. The guys wiped out a few bank accounts and did some major charging. They are still looking for them.
The scary thing is, this gadget is tiny and if the attendant doesn’t check the scanners, then who would think that some attachment is abnormal?

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