Our church was robbed this weekend

Someone broke into our church and took a lot of money and other items on Friday night. They got into both safes (we have a preschool on premises as well, so we have a wall safe with a drop slot for after hours tuition payments). They broke into my hubby’s office and went through all of his things…they found the key box and took a grand master key. They broke into the youth room and took two xboxes, a playstation, all the controllers, 50+ games, a dance revolution dance pad, and a digital camera. They caused some damage, but didn’t vandalize the church, or take anything that would be horribly expensive to replace.

And as someone pointed out, “If it can be fixed with money, it’s not really a problem.”


oh my gosh- that is awful. I hope the thief/ thieves will be caught. you both must be so shocked- hugs and prayers for you both…

I feel so sad when this happens and, I have to say, sad…a lot…at the fact churches can rarely leave their doors open these days. When I was a child you could walk into a church and just sit quietly, or pray, or seek solace or comfort or inspiration. Now most of the time the doors are locked unless there is a service of some sort. Many many church building are glorious simply in terms of design and architecture and it is such a shame so many children are losing the gift of appreciating these things.

A priest…monastic…was badly knifed in Sydney a week ago and he appears to come though surgery very well…thank God…and all he can express is his concern for his attacker. What wonderful, forgiving spirits some people have.

That’s so horrible Misty! I am glad though that no one was there to get hurt.

Susan P., I totally agree, its such a shame that one can’t just go to a church to sit/pray/have a moment/etc. because they need to lock their doors. I find it so sad that no one/nothing is safe from certain dangers that could be out there.

Thank you all for your concern. :slight_smile:

We were the 5th church in the last two weeks to be burglarized in our town…so it’s not just us.

We don’t know how we are going to recover everything…some things are not covered by our insurance, and the cost of rekeying the building is going to be quite expensive. Our church has been struggling as of late because of financial issues (due to a large number of state employees being laid off) and this certainly doesn’t help anything.

But no one was hurt, the church remained for the most part unscathed (except for some damage done to the office doors while breaking in) and nothing taken was essential to ministry.

It’s very frustrating, but not as bad as it could have been, so we wont’ complain.


That’s terrible. But I’m glad that there wasn’t horrible damage done to the building, and that no one was hurt. :hug:

That is really rotten! I hear too many stories about churches being robbed or the office staff being hassled when no one else is around.

It will catch up to whomever did this eventually!

That’s awful. Years ago the church I attended was robbed. They took our silver communion set which had been donated in memory of someone about 100 years earlier. It was very sad for us. I’m sure it was less valuable for the silver content than it was for the sentimental value for our church.

I can’t get over the disbelief I have about someone stealing from God.

Fortunately, the good people in most places far outnumber the bad - I bet with a couple of fundraisers, you’ll be able to replace the stuff that insurance won’t pretty easily. I hope everything works out for you!

Stupid people stink. I hope the police catch whoever did that!

Sorry, I didn’t realize that was your church.

Very sorry to hear of your church being robbed. Our church has suffered numerous break-ins. Lots of evil people out there. We’ll be praying.

We are now one of 7 churches that have been broken into. At the first church, the youth pastor’s nephew was caught and indicated that an “older woman” is going around approaching teens and asking them if they would like to make some quick money.

She apparently picks the place and finds a way in, and they commit the burglary and she pays them.

Isn’t that lovely?


Those types of criminals are just wicked people. :???:

Someone attempted to break into our church last week as well. They were mad because we didn’t have anything of value in our building. They set the curtains in the kitchen on fire…lousy jerks.

Lucky for us, the firemen got there soon and put out the fire.

msoebel, I’m not trying to be inconsiderate here, but it would probably be good if you update your first post in this thread, without listing the actual items that were stolen.

Some crook could read about it in here and think that all churches have items like that in them.