Our Boxers Enjoying a nice snuggle(update: A Phoebe pic finally)

We have had a cold snap the last two days. Boxers being short haired don’t fair well in the cold. Here is a pic of two of them doing what a doggie does best; having a good snuggly nap 'til mom snapped that horrible flash in their face

AWWWW How sweet!! Thay are soo cute!!

Soooooooooo sweet!

That is cute

Thank you, can you see the look of “OMG mom AGAIN?!” The brindle girl sleeps with my dd and dd turns into an ogre if you snap a flash in her sleeping face.


[COLOR=Pink]I thought this thread was about underwear :oops:[/COLOR]

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
Oh my, that just tickled my funny bone! :teehee:

Very cute picture too!


AWW! They are soo cute!

And at first, I too thought it was about underwear, wasn’t quite sure what I was going to see! :teehee:

Squee! I desperately want a Boxer puppy for my next dog.

:lol: I should have put “dogs”, but they have no idea they are dogs

How cute

How darling. Do your boxers talk alot. I have a boxer/lab and he sounds like a darn Siamese cat with his yowling. He even sounds like he’s saying mama sometimes. My other dalmation/lab only speaks if it’s important. I’ve never had such a vocal dog before.

You’re puppers are sooo cute. I love your avatar too.

Very cute! My Mulder cat has no idea that he is a cat. In fact we are convinced that he was my main love in a past life:yay:
Your dogs are great!


Between your pics and this, I’m on adorable boxer overload! :inlove::heart::inlove:

Great picture.


Isn’t that the truth!! They are wonderful though, aren’t they?

And I didn’t even think of anything else when I read the title, I just thought ‘Oh a doggie thread’!! :teehee: