Our beautiful new grandbaby

[SIZE=5]10 10 [/SIZE][SIZE=5]:shock: :eyes: [/SIZE][SIZE=5]:passedout: OMG!!!

He’s a beautiful baby!!!

:muah: :hug: :cheering: :happydance: :grphug: :blooby: :angelgrin: :clink: :woot: :balloons: :yay: :woohoo: :smiley:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja :knitting:

Awwww. Congrats!


He’s beautiful!!! :muah:


Awww…he’s so cute! I’m due for my first around Christmas and seeing babies makes me really look forward to getting to the finish line. :muah:

Oh gosh he’s beautiful. Congratulations.

He is beautiful! :cheering::cheering: Congratulations. And I love the name Jackson!

What a beautiful little guy, congratulations!

Holy Cow! That’s a big boy! How’s mom doing?

My daughter, Allison, had a friend named Jackson that she talked about constantly in preschool. Jackson was ALWAYS getting into trouble I didn’t realize he was imaginary until I got a list of the children for Christmas cards and his name wasn’t on it! :grin:

Congratulations on your beautiful grandson. I take it that your avatar is your other grandson, hmm? Adorable as well…

Enjoy your time together. Maybe someday, I’ll get a chance to experience nonnyhood! With 3 daughters, you’d think ONE of them would have a baby some day, ya know?


Congratulations on such a beautiful big boy. I was wondering the same as larudden, how is Mom doing?

:cheering: [COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][B]Congratulations!![/B] [/COLOR]Faye
The baby looks adorable. Both Thomas and Jackson are cute. :slight_smile:

:woot:Congrats!! He is adorable :hug:

Oh, he’s just beautiful!! He makes me want another one … :teehee:

Congrats, Gramma! and best wishes to Mom!

[COLOR=sienna][COLOR=purple]Congratulations~ SOO happy that everyone is well…[/COLOR]:cheering::cheering::cheering::cheering:[/COLOR]

baby is precious:inlove::inlove:

but I have a question… does this mean that you have to change [B]your name to Nonnyto3[/B]:happydance::happydance:

Adorable! Babies are such miracles.