Our 1st Oddball Charity Blanket is a Celebrity!

Our 1st Oddball Charity Blanket has a gig!!! :cheering:

I asked my cousin if I could take our blanket to her yarn shop (Cottage Yarn), so that customers could see the blanket, read the journal, and maybe knit a few rows while they were there. I’ll get a couple skeins of yarn at the shop, and put them with the blanket.

She agreed! :woohoo:

So, if anyone did not get to participate in the knit-along, feel free to go to Cottage Yarn in Mint Hill, North Carolina. You’ll be able to see our beautiful blanket in person, and add your own touch as well! You can knit a few rows, and write a short message in the journal.

Some of you may not know what our Oddball Charity Blanket actually is. It’s a blanket that we mailed from person to person, all over the USA, with each person knitting for 3 inches. It’s almost complete now, but needs about 12 more inches of knitting. It’s too expensive to mail now, so this is the perfect way to complete our blanket, and get exposure for our forum project as well! :thumbsup:

The blanket will be given to charity when it is finished.

Have fun! :hug:

By the way, I forgot to mention that I will be taking the blanket to the shop this Thursday afternoon, March 13th.

What a great idea to take it to the yarn shop! :cheering:

Thanks Mariblue! I was just so happy that she agreed to let me bring it there! :slight_smile:

That’s amazing Shandeh! I wish I lived in NC and I would come and knit the rest of the 12 inches for you…or at least a few.

That looks amazing. I am sure it will get finished very soon. Great work.


Sandy - that is such an inspirational idea.

I suggested to a friend who works at my LYS about starting a blanket for charity that anyone who comes in the shop can work on.

Can you imagine how many blankets could be made if every YS did this? That would be phenomenal.

Anyone else interested in bringing this idea to the folks at their LYS?

Sandy that’s a wonderful idea! You’ll have to let us know how it goes and how quickly it gets finished!

Oh wow how pretty!!! I wish I could contirbute by knitting a few myself but I’m in Canada and don’t travel well :slight_smile:

What an awesome idea!!!

That is really pretty…great job! And what a neat way to finish it off!
Hope you post the finished product, as well!
Merry :)[/I][/SIZE]

What a neat idea, Shandeh. I think I will also suggest to my lys owner that we should start a charity blanket and let people knit a few rows here and there.

I think it would be AMAZING to see Oddball Blankets being made all over the place! :woohoo:

Sure thing! :thumbsup:

Thanks! You’re welcome to participate in our Oddball Baby Blankets (they are knit by 5 knitters, then given to a children’s hospital). They are quick projects, that don’t cost a lot to mail. Let me know if you want to join in.

Will do! :wink: