does anyone have any suggestions as to what i’m doing wrong? I have a hole- yes an actual hole- in my left index finger from pushing down the kneedle while knitting. i was thinkig of putting on a band-aid, but i feel clumsy with one on, plus it will catch on my yarn. I’ve tried lotion to soften up the tip of my finger, but it seems to make it more sensitive. Argh… I just fell in love with such an easy toe up sock pattern, thats all i want to do now is make socks!!

I get holes when I do a lot of cross stitch and punch through the callous on my finger with the needle. Those hurt! I usually wear a thimble until it heals. You can also find some soft leather thimbles which quilters use which should give you more flexibility/mobility in your finger.

Here are some ideas:




thanks, i will check out your links @ lunchtine.
i did use a “rubber finger” turned inside out (so the nubs didn’t catch the crochet cotton) for a while when i used a small crochet hookfor filet crochet, but i kept hitting the “air holes”, so it was pretty much useless.

Instead of pushing on the point of the needle try to develop the habit of pushing against the taper instead. It works just as well and won’t poke holes in you. If you need to push against the point, use the other needle instead of your finger.

When I get a hole (usually from working) I push with my fingernail.

Is your knitting very tight? If your stitches are looser, you don’t have to push on the end of the needle to get it to go through the stitches. Also, stitches slide easier on metal needles. If your using wood/bamboo needles, some yarns grip to the needles more and they don’t slide off as easy.

i figued out what i was doing wrong…
i was trying to knit english style, but apparently, i’m a continental knitter. when i transfered the working yarn to my left hand, things go so very smoothly now, and quickly as well.

I’m glad you’re better. I looked at your post and I was like O_O what the heck she has a hole in her finger!!! But it’s healing, so that’s good. You kind of scared me there for a moment :hug:

You were pretty calm there, for someone with a hole in her finger… :slight_smile:
Glad it’s all better!

Oh the darn hole in the finger. I get it once in awhile if I have been knitting for a long time. It needle goes right into the finger. :tap: I am also going to try some of the other finger guards to see if that helps. I try let heck to not push the tip of the needles I have the options and it hurts when those suckers go in just like butter.:roflhard: I think most of us have had it happen and just let that hole get better. I once show my dh what it did and he said “that must have hurt” well ya honey.:shock: So here is to hope it heals fast now that you are using continental now.


yeah the hole is healed, but the callous peeled off (because of the hole) what started out as a hole from an options needle size 4, ended up as a smooth spot on the whole tip of my finger. but whoa boy, continental is working out so much better for me.
i was starting to lose a little interest in knitting because it was taking so long. it took me 3 weeks to make a pair of plain ankle socks the way i was knitting. Now that ive switched, things are a little quicker, its taking me about a week for each sock. But i have to work,and chase a toddler too, or i bet id get them done in a day or too!!

I had the same problem when I first started to knit, and it was very painful. Once I started to take note of how tight I was knitting it really helped.
Also, I have painful arthritis in both hands, so loosening up my knitting helped that as well. I still have pain after knitting for even just 15 minutes, so I was wondering if anyone else has some remedies for knitting with arthritis. It started when I was in my mid 30’s and is getting worse. Pain relievers do not help at this point.
Linda W