Ouch ! Finger rash ! Can you believe that !?

I haven’t even knitted that much (in my opinion) but I have very sensitive skin. I want to knit so badly and I can’t because my fingers are sore. It’s not really a rash; it’s not even red…it’s just very sore. Any suggestions? Should I go buy some diaper rash cream or something ! LOL
Does anyone else ever get this problem !? lol :slight_smile: It’s kinda funny. Last night I started knitting holding my yarn with 2 fingers and that didn’t work so good so then I learned how to knit continental. It’s alot harder and slower for me but I’ve been doing that because my fingers are so sore. Shucks ! …stupid rough RedHeart yarn. lol.
Thank you all ! :waah: :aww: blush blush

Poor fingers! Poor you!!! I have problems with some yarns too, and I’ve actually worn a hole in my finger using one yarn. Of course I could have got up and got a bandaid. Perhaps you could try that too? Or just tape on the spots where the yarn rubs? Worth a try.

have you tried udder cream
I came across it when i started hand quilting and its helps my fingers loads.
I buy mine from an equestrian shop cheaper then the small tubs you can buy in craft shops

If you can’t find any udder cream perhaps you could find a hand lotion called Udderly Smoooooth. I got some from my local Walmart back when I was knitting a lot of socks and I wore a hole in my finger from the needle points, and it’s really good at healing irritated skin. They have it in tubes or larger pump-type bottles…I prefer the tubes, it’s a lot thicker than the bottles. I think CVS also carries it, but I can never find it in any here.

Hope this helps you!
Debra in NC

Poor fingers! Poor you!!!
I agree. LOL. :slight_smile:

Well, I tried tape last night and it’s not just on one spot its like the whole side of my fingers. ha ha. This is terrible. lol. I put tape all over the sides of my fingers and I couldn’t bend my fingers very well and the yarn kept rubbing the side of the tape and made it harder for me to pull it…it just didn’t work.

I had never heard of udder cream. It help with raw fingers? I see it’s for cow teats. Is this basically just a lotion? b/c I have tons of lotion. Last question: Would this be found in either the craft section or the regular lotions? or first aid or what? Thank you all. I’m going to buy some VERY soon. It really sucks when you want to knit and you have pretty yarn and it’s just sitting there calling your name and you can’t pick it up. …pouts. lol. I never thought I would get so addicted to knitting. I thought I might get a little tired of it but the more I learn and the more I do the more addicted I become and it’s actually the first thing ever that has come naturally to me. I’m so glad I finally found something. I’ve been looking for…lets see how old am I ?.. almost 27 years. ha ha. Thanks to all.

p.s. Believe it or not I used surgical gloves this afternoon. I got desperate. It wasn’t very comfortable but at least I got to knit for a short while. LOL

You can find udder cream in cvs or walmart, I even found it at my supermarket. I have a jar for years now it doesn’t take much. It is a very thick cream and mine is also medicated. So good luck with your poor sore finger. Hope you find some relief. :waving:

I noticed you said you have “very sensitive” skin. Mine became the same way after severe chem burns to both my hands, so I had to discover all kinds of nifty products for sensitive hands. The udder creams bother my hands, but The Body Shop makes a line of balms that are wonderful. The aloe kind is specifically designed for sensitive skin. I keep a jar in my knitting bag at all times.