[i][color=indigo]Does anyone own an Ott-Lite?

I am looking at this one [/color]

Do you like it? Or would you suggest something else?[/i]

I want an Ott-Lite floor lamp. they sure are pricey tho.

I own the Ott floor lamp and I love it. I use it for needlepoint, but not for knitting. I never felt the need for it when I am knitting. However, if the light in your favorite knitting spot is poor, the Ott is a good choice.

I owned a needlepoint store and we sold the Ott lights. Overall, our customers loved the Otts, but no one liked the magnifier that some Ott lights have. The magnifier was difficult to adjust and if you moved you lost the angle you were using for magnifcation. Does that make sense? Not sure how to describe that.

Also, check the price of replacement bulbs. Tru-Color bulbs can be $$$. I still love my Ott, but just wanted to pass along some of our customers concerns.

I have two Ott’s the fancy floor lamp and a travel one that lights when you lift up the arm. I found the travel one on deep clearance at Tuesday Morning so I think I ended up paying less than $10 for it. What a great find that was!

I highly recommend Ott lites, partly because they are so great and partly because Ott is my maiden name :smiley: although there is no relation so no discount :lol:

Thanks for the feedback.

I really want one that I can move around with ease. I really don’t need to magnifer, yet. :wink: I would like to find the travel size one and at that price. :thumbsup: