Ott light

I just wanted to let ya’ll know that Hobby Lobby seems to have some Ott Lites on clearance. I know the Task lamp was down to $23 and I saw one of the floor lamps(maybe this one) was marked at $70…might want to check the ones near you :cheering: If I had more $$$ I would have gotten them both but I could only gat the cheaper one…

Holy moley! Thanks! That is such a great sale! I’m using the “clip on” OTT litethese days!
I nabbed it at Joann’s big sale last year for about $25 or so.

I also have the table lamp, but it’s in my yarn room at the moment. No room for it where I sit and knit these days cuz of new chairs. It’s the old, bulky style desk/table lamp.

I love THIS ONE! But I won’t invest more money in yet another OTT lite when I have 2 options already. The bulbs literally never burn out! I couldn’t knit without an OTT lite! It is better than sitting outside!

Anybody have the floor model? I ask because I’m wondering how much light it puts out. I have an ott task light. It shows colors accurately. But isn’t bright enough to use alone in the evening.

I used to set that bulky table OTT lamp on top of the side table…but it gave me diffused light. When I set it on the floor in front of, and to the side of me it was about 12" from my work, and gave me the best light ever! The closer the better IMO!

In my opinion, the floor lamp overhead wouldn’t give the best & brightest light for knitting or crosstitching. Maybe it’s best for office paperwork, or crafting.

I have a “fake” Ott Light that I got at Home Depot. It’s the same type of bulb that Ott uses. It’s a table lamp with a bendy neck on it. It’s usually fine sitting right next to me, but occasionally I stick the bottom flat part under my thigh to bring it close as Dollyce says for close work or dark yarns. :thumbsup: