Ott Light....UPDATE

I know this has been discussed before and I did read the previous threads I found, but still have a question.

I was considering getting the portable Ott Lamp from Joanns, but it’s only 13 watts. Some of them go up to 27 watts. Is 13 enough light? :?? I need it to make it easier to see my knitting, not so much the colors although that is a consideration. They are on sale so I can’t use the 50% off coupon, but I could go to the store and see if they have them to save shipping.


I have the portable Ott lamp (model OTL13TCG) It really does generate a lot of light, but in a fairly narrow area. It would be plenty of light to knit by, but you’d need a table fairly close to where you knit to hold it. I use this one for work, when I have to work on my spreadsheets however, I’m not sure it would be 100% comfortable for me to knit with (I move around alot!).

If the 27 W is a floor lamp I would imagine that it just has higher power to cover a bigger area.

With that 50% off coupon you can’t beat that deal!

you can use the coupon online…they just will take it off the regular price. it is only in the stores that you can’t use the coupons on sale items anymore! shakes fist :!!!:

I have the 13 watt and love it and the floor lamp. I use the 13 watt more just because I can carry it around from place to place, but as sara mentioned, it does only light the area right under the lamp. Great light in that area though!

Tomorrow all the ott lights on the web site will be 50% off. So if you wait till tomorrow to order, I THINK that will be without needing a coupon. If so, you could also use the JANFSA725 coupon code for free shipping, and if you go through get a 6% rebate on what you spend!

If you aren’t familiar with ebates, check it out! It’s a great way to get money back on your spending. You can get an extra $5 rebate in addition to the 6% if you are new to ebates and sign up through their refer a friend program where you and the person who refers you get a $5 rebate.

This would give you the lamp for $32.59 for the $79.99 model.

If you already have a friend who uses ebates, they can send you an email with the link so that they get the $5 and so do you. You need THEIR link for them to get the $5 credit.

If you don’t know someone already who has an account and want, you can use me as a referal and I’ll promise to spend the $5 supporting the yarn industry :wink:

You know… we should see if Amy wants to sign up and then if people used her for referal the $5 she would get each time could go to help with the costs of knittinghelp! Maybe she’s already a member of ebates?

Mama Bear

and then you could use the coupon for something else! :teehee:

the Ott lights use the energy efficient bulbs too don’t they? :thinking:

ETA: Oh my!

:?? balls? Did you mean bulbs? :teehee:

Thanks for that info, MamaBear!


:?? balls? Did you mean bulbs? :teehee:

Thanks for that info, MamaBear![/quote]

wow and i am usually the one who is saying “stop saying balls.” :oops:

yesss…yesss i meant BULBS! :teehee:

(but the conversation the voices in my head are having right now is rather hilarious [size=2][color=gray]{and a little bit dirty! :shock:}[/color][/size] )

:teehee: [size=1]efficient balls![/size] :teehee: :cheering:

I have an Ott True Color 24W floor lamp next to my couch. I position the bulb almost directly over my head to knit. my livingroom has weird angles and tho the lamp doesn’t appear very bright when viewed from across the room, it works great for knitting or reading. it also doesn’t glare when reflected on the tv screen.

I love mine. I have to say, I used it alot more back at my old house where the lighting was not good. In our new house the lighting is great and covers everything, and I haven’t even plugged it in yet.

Thank you, Mama Bear, for that free shipping code–I just saved $13 and bought an Ott light! Been wanting a floor lamp for some time now, hopefully I’ll be able to see better when I knit at night now. I did try to go through your link but found out I was already a member signed up several years ago–oh well!

I was going to order yesterday with the 50% off and free shipping code, but at the last minute I decided to see what was available retail and if I didn’t find anything I could order on the next coupon day.

We went to Home Depot last night (for wedges :??) and I checked out the lamps. They had a full spectrum desk lamp for $20. I decided to try it and figured if I didn’t feel it worked that well for knitting I could use it elsewhere or return. I’m glad to say that it does seem to work just fine! I found that I could see my knitting so much better! I don’t have anything to compare it to as I’ve never used an Ott Light, but it seems to work for me right now.

Thanks for all the help everyone!