I just purchased a OTT-LITE floor lamp at Joannes. It was on sale for $99.95 plus i had a 10% coupon. Original price was $169.99.

Does anyone use this lamp and if so are you happy with it?

I did ask at the register if i could return the lamp if i was not happy with it? YES!!!

Amy, i have looked for the head light that you use but am unable to find one. Where did you purchase yours? Thanks.

Funny you should mention this … I saw an infomercial for this light in the morning. :slight_smile:

Ooh, I haven’t heard of those lights before… full spectrum, eh? Sound good!

I have halogen lights in every room but the kitchen and bathroom. I love halogen lights, because they’re so bright, and such warm lighting. I was just talking to my optometrist about it, and he believes they’re the best, because they’re so bright and give off such a wide spectrum. They’re getting hard to find, though. I guess they’re no longer UL listed (is that the term? Whatever big organization approves things for safety), because so many people were sticking their halogen lamps under their curtains, and catching them on fire.

I bought my last one on eBay, since they can’t be found in stores here any more. I still love them though! I’m wondering if I should stock up on them, before they become totally obsolete…or do you think there will always be some place in China manufacturing them?..

Anne, I just Froogled for my head lamp. Looks like lots of places are selling them (here are the search results).


morons crack me up. like the warning tag on my hair dryer: DO NOT USE IN TUB OR SHOWER. :roll: No, really???

Anyway I have a full spectrum light on my bead table, and it rocks. It makes a big difference.

Thank You Amy,

My husband ask me why i need one of THOSE THINGS? :twisted: I told him for the same reason you need to keep your car shining like a show case.

If i spent as much money at my LYS as he does on that darn car i would have to build another closet. HMMM that’s a thought :smiley:



Hi Anne, I actually have 2 OTT lamps and I LOVE them. I bought my first one (a table model) about 4 years ago and it wasn’t long before I had to have a floor model. They’re awesome for seeing the true colors when there’s no sunlight available. I use mine for everything now…knitting, reading, knitting…did I say knitting??? :wink: You got a great deal on yours…congrats!!

I didn’t think to use the light for reading. Thanks for the idea!..

Don’t know how i knitted without this wonderful BRIGHT light