OTN projects and yarn

Hi, All

Well I can’t even overstate what an inspiration you all have been to me. Seeing all your projects has encouraged me to try things I’ve always wanted to, but never thought I had the skill for. So I bucked up the courage and finally attempted some cool stuff!

These pics are coming up in the reverse order of how I entered them. Please start at the bottom and scroll up. Thank you.

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Beautiful! Love those colorways!

OH WOW!!! Will I ever be that good?!?!?!?

Beautiful stuff!

You have wonderful taste in colors. BEAUTIFUL!

Congrats on taking the plunge with the new projects!

Your colors are amazing. I love them all!! The socks are looking fantabulous.

Thank you all, so much! You’ve bolstered my confidence once again! I am so honored! :muah:

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Wow I love the colors . Excellent choices. They look so so yum!!Can you elaborate on the yarn? and the patterns?

Oh my goodness. Your projects are beautiful, and your yarn is stunning. :passedout:

Wow! I want to make a sock!! And I want it to look as good as yours!!!

What loverly projects!!

I love the yarn you have used for the ‘peacock’ scarf, it looks really nice, and the colours :heart:

Sometimes seeing yarn like this makes me wish i lived in the us, you have so much nicer things in my opinion and generally cheaper too. Wish i could afford to buy stuff like that myself :pout:

Hazel x

Oh my gosh! Well, the peacock yarn and the unworked yarns are those that started the whole “yarn snob” debacle!
:oops: I’m almost terrified to enter that topic again! :teehee:

The sock pattern is Monkey Socks from Knitty

Here’s the link to the Candleflame Shawl

And the link to the My So-Called Scarf

The copper/chocolate/charcoal/ash colorways, both sportweight and laceweight are Schaefer Yarns I picked up at LYS. Here is their link:
I thought I was getting 2 skeins of the same weight. Turns out, when I got home, that I had 2 different weights. I nearly took them back, but decided to play with what I had instead. Good thing, Huh?


I am so delighted that you all liked these. I’ve really enjoyed working with these beautiful yarns and fun patterns.

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