OTN: Legwarmers!

This is my first attempt EVER!

Yes it is a throw back to the 80’s but here in Texas it only gets REALLY cold about 3 weeks a year, legwarmers will come in handy!

they are turning out well, are you using a pattern?

They will look great

No pattern really. I CO 60 st and did a 2x2 ribbing for about an inch, each color is supposed to be 4.5 inches of Sts and another inch of 2x2 ribbing at the end.

My next pair is going to be more detailed. I found a pattern in “One Skein Projects” for some really cute ones with a lace pattern at the top.

I am on the last inch of ribbing on the top/bottom of the first one! YAY!

It looks good… I keep thinking I’ll make a pair for myself and my little girl :teehee:

They are such an easy and FAST knit.

:yay: Nice work! You weren’t kidding about a fast knit, eh? Congrats! Now where’s the second one? :eyebrow: Don’t you fall victim to SSS. :mrgreen:

Very nice. I’m dying to make some myself…it’s about time they come back into style :wink: THEN I’ll be ready!

Very pretty!!! I just finished a set of legwarmers myself a couple of weeks ago, along with some fingerless mitts, so I can be ready for winter. I got my pattern out of “Weekend Knitting”, but it was so straightforward, they really don’t need a pattern. :wink: Wear them with pride and when that cold weather blows around that you will be toasty (and pretty)!:cheering: